The Perfect Stocking Stuffer for Guitarists


Here are some ideas that every guitatist can use and appreciate this holiday!

Strings, strings, and more strings!! Between them breaking, rusting, and just getting icky in general, every guitarist will appreciate a fresh set of quality strings. One of our best sellers this year are Cleartone’s premium coated strings, starting at $12.99. You can also stuff a classic pair of D’Addario strings into his/her stocking! ┬áThese excellent and reliable strings start at just $5.99. Not a guitarist? I bet they play Ukulele! Premium Aquila Ukelele strings made in Italy starting at just $7.99! We also carry strings for Violin, Cuatro, Mandolin, Banjo…you name it! You can never go wrong with strings!


To help maintain optimum playability, it’s important to frequently wipe down, polish, and condition. D’Addario offers an assortment of solutions starting at $6.99, from lemon oil to conditioner. A good quality polish cloth is a must have! Our exclusive Music City polish cloths are only $3.50.

One of this years best sellers have been clip-on tuners! ┬áD’Addario offers a clip-on tuner that is discretely hidden behind the head stock. This nifty little gadget is only $19.99. If you’re looking for a bigger clip-on tuner, Stagg offers a durable clip-on with a larger display, also just $19.99!

Stop by our store to check out our large assortment of holiday stocking stuffers! We’ll be open everyday up until Christmas Eve! Check out the link below for holiday hours:

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